BCSL-013 Computer Basics and PC Software Lab

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Course Code: BCSL-013

Course Title: Computer Basics and PC Software Lab

Assignment Number (Code) : BCA(1)/L-013/Assignment/2019-20

Last Date of Submission: 15th October 2019 (for July 2019 session)
15th April 2020 (for January 2020 session)

Section1: Linux operating system

Q1. (a) Run the following (Linux commands and write the output) (10)
– ls-a
– ls-l
– mkdir
– pwd
– chmod
(b) Perform the following tasks in Linux (6)
(i) Display the last 20 lines of a text file (you need to create a text file)
(ii) Display the first 15 lines of any text file
(iii)To count the no of times word IGNOU has occurred in a text file.

Section 2: Power point

Q2. Create a Power Point Presentation on the important features of Windows OS
(minimum 10 slides) (16)
(i) All slides should follow the common design format
(ii) Add a video to at least one slide which can be run on full screen option
(iii)All the slides should have timer based transition.
(iv)All the slides should have perform heading and slide notes.
(v) Each slide should have one image related to Windows operating system.

Section 3: Word Processing

Q3. (a) Create a letter head of your study center where you are enrolled and insert the
water mark with that study center name in the letter head. The following
guidelines to be followed.
– The logo of the company should be placed in the center.
– Name, address – left side should be placed at.
– Email ID, IP address of the study center should be shown at right side.
– Display the ruler bar and the vertical bar to the top of the page.

(b) Design a flyer for admission to the foreign university. It should contain “visit our
counselors for admission in the foreign University” Use different font style, age,
colors, effects, alignment to create the flyer.

Section 4: Worksheet

Q4. Create a work sheet for pricing information of a company which sales computers
&peripheral devices. You are required to calculate discount, sales price(MRPDiscount) and profit margin(MRP-sales price) (16)

Section 5: Browsing and Discussion Forum

Q5. Collaborate online (in a group) on Google docs to create a presentation on ‘Smart
Phone design’. All the group should work on the presentation simultaneously
from their respective machines. Use speaker notes for any online discussion and
present a comprehensive report. (The report should comprise the latest trends in
the design of smart phones).


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