BCSL-021 C Language Programming Lab Solved Assignment 2020-21

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Course Code : BCSL-021
Course Title : C Language Programming
Assignment Code): BCA(2)/L-021/Assignment/2020-21
Last Date of Submission : 31st October, 2020 (For July, 2020 Session)

: 15th April, 2021 (For January, 2021 Session)

Q1. Write an interactive C program for “BCA Student Semester-End Results” which prompts the user with the following menu options on the opening menu and performs the corresponding functionalities:
1) Registration Status (Registration details like enrolment no, current semester, fee-details, study centre, regional centre etc)
2) Courses in the Current Semester
3) Assignment Submission Schedules
4) Assignment Marks (semester-wise, course-wise till current semester)
5) Term End Exam Marks(semester-wise, course-wise till current semester)
6) Quit
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