BCSL-063 Operating System Networking Management Lab Solved Assignment 2020-21

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Course Code : BCSL-063
Course Title : Operating System Networking Management Lab
Assignment Code): BCA(6)/L-063/Assignment/2020-21
Last Date of Submission : 31st October, 2020 (For July, 2020 Session)

: 15th April, 2021 (For January, 2021 Session)

Q1. (a) Run the following commands and write/show output IPConfig

(b) Answer the following questions related to the above commands:

How is tracert command different from pathping in terms of the output information they produce? Explain
What is the output of Nslookup command? Explain

(c) Answer the following questions :
List all the files within a directory including hidden files
Which command is used to show files or directory , size, modified date and time, file permission,etc.
Sort file or directory by file size
What is the output of: ls-al | more ?
How to kill a process?

Q2. (a) Write a shell script to to perform the following tasks:
(i) check to see if the file “my_file” exists
(ii) display file “ my_ file passwords are enabled” if it exists.
(i) check the permission to write to the file “my_file”
(ii) display “ permissions to edit “ my_file”, if yes,
(iii) otherwise display “ No permissions to edit “ my_file”

(b) (i) write a shell script that prompts the user for a name of a file or directory and reports what type of this file is : regular file, a
directory, or another type of file.
(ii) Execute an ls command against the file or directory with any two options you are aware of.

Q3 Perform the following tasks and write the procedures :

Configure VPN client as a VPN client
Set your printer on sharing and assign print permission according to different users, configuring printer priority for different groups
How will you access your account available at a remote machine? Download some files from that machine to your machine


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