ECO-01 Business Organisation Solved Assignment 2021-22


Course Code ECO-01
Course Title Business Organisation
Assignment Code BCA (1)/01/Assignment/2021-22
Session 2021-22
Submission Date 31st October 2021 for July 2021

15th April 2022 for January 2022


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Attempt all the questions:
1. Briefly explain various sources from which companies may raise long term capital.

2. “Company form of organization is the most ideal form for all types of business.” Discuss.

3. Distinguish between the following:
(a) Primary market and Secondary market
(b) Public limited company and Co-operative organization

4. Write short notes on the following:
(a) Listing of a security on a stock exchange
(b) Entrepreneurship and characteristics of an entrepreneur

5. Comment very briefly on the following statements:
(a) There is no element of risk in business.
(b) Loans are sanctioned for short term only.
(c) There is no difference between the money market and capital market.
(d) All the business risks are insurable.


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