MCS-015 Communication Skills Solved Assignment 2021-22


Course Code MCS-015
Course Title Communication Skills
Assignment Code BCA(2)/015/Assignment/2021-22
Session 2021-22
Submission Date 31st October 2021 for July 2021
15th April 2022 for January 2022


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Q1: Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

i. Tick the right choice:
Time management was one of the major issues
a) in the beginning of the twentieth century
b) in the latter part of the twentieth century
c) in the twentieth century

ii. Give two reasons why managers are giving so much importance to time management.
iii. Explain the difference between period of time and point of time giving your own examples.
iv. Do you think time management can reduce stress? Discuss.

Q2: Pick out words/phrases from the passage which have the following meanings.
i. time when the world was made
ii. area
iii. latest time by which an activity must be completed.
iv. step by step.
v. article which can be bought and sold
vi. make a division between two things
vii. work very hard to solve a problem
viii. unclear period of time
ix. time or place when jobs cannot be carried out, usually because of other pressures
x. terrible event.

Q3: Put the verbs in brackets in their correct form.

Q4: You are looking for a job as software developer and your prospective employer asked you to prepare a presentation (PPT) on the following: Your career so far along with your interested areas, expertise and details about the projects handled.
Note: You may use visual aids to support your presentation.

Q5: You have seen a job with a multinational company advertised in a national newspaper for the post of Systems Analyst position. Prepare a good biodata/resume to apply against it.

Q6: A benefactor has given a sum of money to your school/college. One condition of the gift is that both students and staff must be involved in deciding how the money is to be used. A further condition is that the money must be spent on permanent and tangible things.
You have been asked by the principal of the school/college to survey the views of staff and students and to present him/her with an information report. Write a report in about 250 words.

Q7: Mark the stress in the following words:
i) attend attention
ii) believe belief
iii) assist assistance
iv) lovely loveliness
v) commerce commercial

Q8: Write short notes on the following:
i) The essentials of Minutes of the Meeting.
ii) Effective group discussion


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