MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Solved Assignment 2019-20

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Course Code : MCS-022
Course Title : Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
Assignment Number (Code) : MCA (6)/022/Assignment/2019-20
Last Date of Submission : 15th October 2019 (for July 2019 session)
15th April 2020 (for January 2020 session)

Q1. (a)What are the two criteria for classification of the advanced operating systems ? Discuss any two operating systems in both the categories.

(b) Discuss the key characteristics of modern operating system.

Q2. Discuss the objectives and primary functions of the following connecting devices:
(i) Repeaters
(ii) Hubs

Q3. Explain virtual to physical address mapping concepts with the help of an abstract model.

Q4. Describe important Linux directories and files.

Q5. (a) What will be the output of followings:
$ cat my file. text head-7 tail-5
$ cat file name more ℓs- ℓ > temp
$ sort my file. text unique.
$ cat my file . text grep “mohan” wc- ℓ
$ ℓ s – ℓ grep “jan”
$ ℓ s – ℓ grep sort

(b)What options can be used with grep command ?

Q6. Briefly describe the features of followings and how are they configured in Linux ?
(i) Apache webserver
(ii) DNS
(iii) NFS server

Q7. What are the purposes of dynamic addressing and directory services in Windows 2000 ? How are they configured ?

What is the purpose of VPN and name VPN technologies supported by Windows 2000 ?

Q9. What are intrusion detection systems(IDS) ? What IDS can do?

Q10. Elaborate the primary aspects of firewall ? What are the limitation of firewall ?

Q11. How does RAID support fault tolerance systems ? How is it implemented in Windows 2000 ?

Q12. List the different types of malicious code and compare the virus protection tools.

Q13. What is Kerberos ? Describe Kerberos management in Windows operating system.

Q14. Define IPSec? What are its features ? Discuss its implementation in Windows 2000.


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