MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Solved Assignments 2021-22


Course Code MCS-022
Course Title Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
Assignment Code BCA(6)/022/Assignment/2021-22
Session 2021-22
Submission Date 31st October 2021 for July 2021
15th April 2022 for January 2022


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Q1: (a) Discuss the two approaches which improves the performance of a system through overlapping of input, output and processing operations.

(b) Briefly explain the purpose of the following directories of Linux OS.
(i) /usr/bin
(ii) /sbin
(iii) /mnt

Q2: What are the two modes in which windows 2000 OS works? Discuss its architecture with the help of a diagram.

Q3: (i) Explain the process used by Kerberos to authenticate network clients logging onto a windows 2000 domain.

(ii) What is meant by a trust relationship? Explain the importance of Kerberos and Domain controllers in maintaining trust relationship.

Q4: (i) What is a fire wall? How does It secure the system? Explain its limitations.

(ii) What are the security services provided by the Ip Sec?

Q5: Explain the step by step processes of sharing files, folders and devices in windows XP.

Q6: Write the purpose of VPN and list VPN technologies supported by windows 2000.

Q7: Explain the followings with reference to “Hardening in windows 2000 OS.
(i) Hardening the OS and application code
(ii) Hardening the files system security

Q8: Explain the various components of Linux OS.

Q9: Explain the architecture of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Q10: Describe the various file access control mechanisms provided by Linux OS with appropriate examples.


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