MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Solved Assignment 2020-21

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Course Code : MCS-022
Course Title : Operating System Concepts and Networking
Assignment Code): BCA(6)/022/Assignment/2020-21
Last Date of Submission : 31st October, 2020 (For July, 2020 Session)
: 15th April, 2021 (For January, 2021 Session)

Q1. How are the following concepts improve the system performance? Spooling compared to buffering Multiprocessing compared to sequential execution

Q2. Discuss the basic design issues in distributed OS which are different from traditional OS and network OS and how are they implemented?

Q3. What are the steps involved in configuring IP address in your system?
What is the use of DHCP and BOOTP in this process? Why a subnet mask is required as an input for configuring IP address?


(a) Draw DNS hierarchy for and explain

(b) Discuss the type of seurity vulnerabilities in DNS and what measures are taken to prevent it?

Q5. Answer the following questions related to Linux commands:
List all the directories using echo command only
List all the files within a directory including hidden files
Display a Calandar for a specific month and year
What will be the output of the following:
who| more
who –a
What options can be used with a grep command? Show output with each option

Q6. (a) What are the objectives of dynamic addressing and directory services in Windows 2000? How are they configured?

(b) How is static IP address different from dynamic IP address?

Q7. What is the meaning of map drive in Windows 2000? What are the benefits in mapping a network drive? Write all the steps for mapping a network drive. ?

Q8. Answer the following questions related to Windows 2000 server? What features and services are provided ? How are network resources accessed ?

Q9. Define Kerberos ? What are the key benefits of Kerberos? How is it
managed in Windows 2000 system ?

Q10. What computer security control measures are applied at your study
Against what kind of attacks these measures are taken? Prepare a brief note .

Q11. (a) Differentiate between dial-up connection and and VPN connection for remote access . List the requirements to set up a VPN connection. Explain the steps for configuring Windows 2000 VPN

(b) Discuss the protocols and tools for providing secure VPN services (4 Marks)

Q12. Explain in details the tasks performed by firewall. What is the need of firewall policy ?

Q13. What strategies are used in hardening Windows 2000 OS and its file system? Discuss


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