How to download IGNOU ID card – step by step process

download ignou id card

In this guide, we will show you exactly how to download IGNOU ID card without the confusion that usually arises.

The IGNOU ID card is an important document you need for various purposes such as attending classes, going for practical sessions, attending exams, submitting your project, etc. The ID card is basically an identification document that has your photo, your name, your ID number, your IGNOU program, etc. It is a vital document for your IGNOU journey.

According to the official notification, here is the step-by-step process to download IGNOU ID card by yourself.

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Here is how you can download IGNOU ID card:

1. Go to this link –

This link is for registering your account and accessing the portal from where you can download your ID card.

2. Click on “New Registration”

3. Fill in your details. These include your program, name, and your roll number.

4. You will get an OTP, enter the OTP in the field.

Keep in mind that the OTP will work for only a few minutes and you will have to get the new OTP for signing up.

5. At this point, you will get the option to set your password, take care to remember this password as you set it. Make sure it follows the minimum security requirements.

6. Confirm the password. Make sure that it is the same as what you entered.

7. Submit the form. You have now registered.

8. Login again using the username, the password you set, and the captcha verification.

9. Click on login.

10. You can now view the portal. See the left-hand side for services.

11. Search for the ID card and download it.

12. The ID card is password protected. Open the file. Your enrolment number is your password.

I hope this guide helped you in downloading your IGNOU ID card. This is a simple and easy process and you only need basic details such as enrolment number (roll number), name, and your program code.

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