How to Submit IGNOU Assignments? Guidelines, and Front Page

The question asked by many students is how to submit IGNOU assignments and how to get good grades. In this post, we going to answer this question. We are also providing the Assignments front page in PDF format.

Students enrolled in IGNOU courses are required to submit their assignments every semester. To complete this task, you need to write the assignments on A4 paper and submit them online or offline mode for evaluation. The notification for submission of the assignments is released by your Regional center/Study Center.

Kindly arrange the documents in following order.

  1. IGNOU ID Card
  2. Annexure-1 or Front Page
  3. Assignments Questions
  4. Handwritten Assignment

Download IGNOU Assignment Front Page – Click Here

How to submit IGNOU assignments

The first document that students need to attach is a copy of their ID card. This serves as proof of identity and verifies that the assignment has been submitted by the correct student.

Submit IGNOU Assignments

The second document that students need to attach is the front page of the assignment. This page contains all the relevant information about the student and the subject, such as the student’s name, enrolment number, study centre code, course code, assignment submission date, etc. It is essential to ensure that all the required information is accurately and neatly filled in on this page, as it serves as the cover page for the entire assignment.

The third document is a copy of the assignment questions. This is to ensure that the student has understood the assignment and has attempted all the questions correctly. It also enables the evaluator to check whether the student has followed the instructions correctly.

Finally, the hand-written assignments need to be attached. It is important to ensure that the assignments are written in neat and legible handwriting, or typed if required.

In conclusion, submitting assignments is a crucial part of the IGNOU academic process for students. By organizing their documents in the required order and ensuring accuracy and neatness in their work, students can ensure that their assignments are evaluated correctly and they can earn the desired grades.

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