BCS-052 Network Programming and Administration Solved Assignment


Course Code BCS-052
Course Title Network Programming and Administration
Assignment Code BCA(5)/052/Assignment/2022-23
Session 2022-23
Submission Date 31st October 2022 (For July Session)
15th April 2023 (For Jan Session)


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Q1. (a) Explain the working of ARP and RARP.
(b) Explain the concept of subnetting, default mask and subnet mask.
(c) Assume Class B network uses 18 out of 32 bits to define a network address. How many Class B networks are possible in that case? Explain.

Q2. (a) Explain any four methods used by HTTP for data transfer.
(b) How many bits are needed for defining Net IDs and Host IDs of Class A, Class B and Class C respectively?

Q3. (a) What is the purpose of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)? List activities between DHCP server and DHCP Client.
(b) Write any four differences between TCP/IP and OSI model. Also draw the layer diagram of each, showing the mapping of OSI and TCP/IP layers.

Q4. What is the role of DNS in Internet? Explain the steps followed in the domain name resolution with the help of a diagram.

Q5. (a) What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)? Write its advantages and disadvantages. Also compare VPN with Free NX.

(b) Discuss the standard socket types and its corresponding protocols. Explain using the proper syntaxes and examples, the system calls used by the client and a server to establish connections before data transfer.
(c) Write step-by-step procedure to configure a Samba Server. Assume server IP address is and server machine name is “IGNOU”.

Q6. Explain the commands being used in Linux environment for problem diagnosis and trouble shooting.

Q7. Discuss the various disk management functions. What are the tasks followed for secure disk management? Elaborate.

Q8. Explain the Stateless Operation and NFS Daemons in the context of Network File System.


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