MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Solved Assignment 2022-23

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Course Code MCS-022
Course Title Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
Assignment Code BCA(6)/022/Assignment/2022-23
Session 2022-23
Submission Date 31st October, 2022 (For July Session)
15th April, 2023 (For Jan Session)


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MCS-022 Solved assignment 2022-23 | IGNOU BCA 6th Semester Solved Assignment 2022-23 |

Q1. Discuss the key characteristics of a modern operating system.

Q2. Discuss the basic design issues in distributed OS which are different from traditional OS and network OS and how are they implemented?

Q3. Explain the memory management model of the Linux Operating System.

Q4. (a) What is the default location of the print spooler in Windows NT ?

(b) Explain virtual to physical address mapping concepts with the help of an abstract model. Make appropriate diagrams if required.

Q5. Answer the following questions related to Linux commands:

  • List all the directories using echo command only
  • List all the files within a directory including hidden files
  • Display a Calendar for a specific month and year
  • What will be the output of the following:
    • who| more
    • who –a
    • cat file name | more ℓs- ℓ > temp
  • What options can be used with a grep command? Show output with each option

Q6. (a) What are the objectives of dynamic addressing and directory services in Windows 2000? How are they configured?
(b) How is static IP address different from dynamic IP address?

Q7. What is the meaning of map drive in Windows 2000? What are the benefits in mapping a network drive? Write all the steps for mapping a network drive. ?

Q8. Explain functions of Primary Domain Controller. Also, explain the role of the ‘primary domain controller’ and ‘backup domain controller’ in enhancing security of window 2000 server.

Q9. Write a Shell Script program to find Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) for any two numbers. Ensure that your script carries out basic error checking.

Q10. What are the three strategies that can be used to authenticate a user to a computer system? Describe how authentication can be done using hardware tokens.

Q11. (a) Differentiate between dial-up connection and VPN connection for remote access. List the requirements to set up a VPN connection. Explain the steps for configuring Windows 2000 VPN

(b) Discuss the protocols and tools for providing secure VPN services

Q12. What are intrusion detection systems (IDS)? What IDS can do?

Q13. Define IPSec? What are its features? Discuss its implementation in Windows 2000.


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